My Story

The mind is everything.

What you think you become. -Buddha

Each one of us that hopes and dreams of having a family will have a special and unique fertility journey. And no two journeys will be the same.

The adventure starts out exciting and whimsical, spontaneous and carefree. Some find there way quickly, and the thought of infertility never even crosses their mind.

But for others, the adventure doesn’t quite go as planned. Month’s even years go by and the journey becomes something drastically different. It becomes worrisome, fearful, desperate and unfair.

As a specialist in Fertility Acupuncture, with my head full of knowledge and my Type A personality, I put myself on a worrisome adventure right from the get go. When we started trying for a family I couldn’t help but focus on all of the things that could go astray. What if there was something wrong with us?

For months we tried and were unsuccessful. And with every passing month I grew sadder and more ashamed. I beat myself up internally every day. In my head I knew so much, but in my heart, a whole different series of events was taking place.

I finally got to a point where I was willing to suffer no more. I broke down. And during this break down, I let go of my fears and everything else that was weighing me down. I connected with my heart and listened to everything I had been ignoring for so long. I am no longer ashamed of my story, but empowered to help others and myself, with both the physical and emotional side of infertility.

I cant’ wait to see where it takes me, my husband, and our future family.